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Are Veneers Worth It?

Are Veneers Worth It? 49

Did you know that a beautiful smile can boost your quality of life? Today, flawless smiling pictures of influencers are among the most popular things you’ll see on social media. It seems like you can’t afford to have bad teeth if you want to succeed in the Californian show business. Well, veneers are the key behind these perfectly spaced white teeth. “You want to get the perfect smile, but you still ask, “Are veneers in Singapore worth it?” Before choosing veneers for your teeth, here are five things to remember:

Veneers Worth

Veneers cost

Depending on the type of veneer, the region you live in, and your dentist’s experience, the cost of veneers varies differently. Nonetheless, veneers can cost as much as $2,500 per tooth. Traditional veneers are a better choice than non-prep veneers if you want value for money because they will last longer.

What veneer type do you choose?

Two common types of veneers exist:


Small shells made from ceramics are porcelain veneers. They’re usually stuck to the surface of the front of your teeth to give you a perfect white smile. The best cure for cracked and discolored teeth is these veneers.


To enhance its appearance, composite veneers made of resin are shaped and bonded to the tooth. They are usually used for covering small holes and missing teeth. Sometimes they’re temporary. Knowing that veneers are different from tooth implants is significant. Only the tooth’s front surface is protected by veneers, while tooth crowns and implants replace the entire tooth.

How long are they going to last?

The veneers of porcelain are more durable; they will last for up to 15 years. Composite veneers will, meanwhile, only last for seven years. You would need good oral hygiene, such as flossing and brushing your teeth after every meal, to preserve your veneers for longer. Also, avoid hard foods because they can crack the veneers easily.

Does the Procedure of getting Veneers Hurt?

Usually, the veneering process requires three dentist appointments. A consultation that decides the form of veneer that is right for you is the first session. To determine if you’re a successful candidate, your dentist can also check your teeth. In the second visit, to take a mold impression of your teeth, the doctor trims your tooth by about half a millimeter. To build the real veneer, the mold impression is used. A couple of weeks later, you’ll make your last appointment where the veneers will match your teeth. To hold them in place, they may be hardened with UV light. With little or no pain, the treatment will leave you. You may suspect some jaw and gum soreness.

Are alternatives to veneers available?

If you need your teeth whitened and aligned, the most suitable choice for you might not veneer. Teeth whitening treatments and the use of crowning to match your teeth could be other favorable choices.