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From Miscarriage to Entrepreneurship: How Adia Health Empowers Women To Own Their Fertility Journey

From Miscarriage to Entrepreneurship: How Adia Health Empowers Women To Own Their Fertility Journey 49

2016 was the first yr in England that more women gave beginning over the age of forty than women under 20. Indeed, the average age of a primary-time mother in England in 2017 was 28. Eight (for men 33.4) whereas in 1980 it becomes 22.7. With both guy’s and girls’ fertility starting to actively lower from the age of 35, it’s miles no surprise that fertility is becoming a larger issue and, as a result, a massive commercial enterprise, with extra couples experiencing problems conceiving.

Adia Health
Like many founders of health and well-being-related agencies, this became the case for Lina Chan, founder of Adia Health. Born in Brazil to a Chinese immigrant dad and mom, Chan had an exceptionally successful finance profession. Having got married elderly 34, she began trying for a baby at the age of 35. She ended up going thru a full adventure of miscarriage, issue conceiving, and pre-time period beginning. Neither Chan nor her accomplice had ever achieved any fertility or blood checks and, as she says, blindly thought that they could get pregnant without problems as we’re frequently taught to consider. Sadly, her first pregnancy was misplaced at 27 weeks, and her second miscarried at eight weeks. Luckily for Chan, her medical doctor was proactive and, at that factor, ordered a chain of blood tests which confirmed that she had a blood clotting ailment. Once armed with that information and a plan to address it, she went onto have 3 kids.

Chan realized that on the subject of her career and the whole lot else in her lifestyle, she had been proactive; however, while it came to conceiving and being pregnant, her experience was reactive. Many ladies revel in that is that fertility and pregnancy difficulties are nonetheless very taboo subjects; that’s why Chan is so open approximately her own enjoyment. This led her to discovered Adia Health to assist girls in navigating and managing their very own fertility adventure thru education, getting the right of entry to holistic assist, test, and professionals.

How Does It Work?

Adia Health’s first product was released in January 2019 and experienced a 50% increase month on month. Through a small blood pattern executed as a finger prick at domestic, Adia grants fertility hormone exams to assist give ladies the knowledge they need to be proactive. This takes a look at gives a detailed picture of a girls’ reproductive fitness, such as her ovarian reserve, period health, how they may react to IVF, and thyroid fitness. With all of the exposure about Theranos and finger-prick blood check, Adia Health says that they have got worked difficult to be transparent with their testing, the usage of approved laboratories who’re inspected for ordinary high-quality control via The United Kingdom Accreditation Service with each inner and outside nice controls, as well as regular audits and clinical governance. To ensure the test is accurate, they ship the samples to two exceptional laboratories.
Once a consumer has received that data, they then have access to curated experts in ladies’ fitness, including fertility experts, nutritionists, and coaches. Users are also able to get entry to a wealth of educational facts and mindfulness meditation. All the content on the platform has been advanced with the aid of professionals in obstetrics, fertility, nutrition, and psychology, consequently doing away with the confusion that “Dr. Google” often creates for women.

Making Fertility Accessible

The check prices £ ninety-nine, and all other offerings and content material are loose. Chan is determined to make the product as low-cost as possible to ensure that Adia can attain as many ladies as possible. Having raised a preliminary seed round of £250,000, such as from Seedcamp, Adia obtained a supply of £30,000 from the Wellcome Trust to conduct a examination measuring ladies’ wellness improvement as they use the platform and advantage admission to holistic help. To date, the ladies in the look at having said that by way of being at the platform, they sense extra knowledgeable assured and improved emotional health.