Monday, July 22

Police raids target ‘Ra-u’ drug network

Police raids target 'Ra-u' drug network 49


A combined venture pressure arrested 4 human beings on Friday connected with a drug trafficking ring and seized property well worth more than 31 million baht, the police said. The arrests had been made in the course of a joint crackdown led with the Narcotics Suppression Bureau (NSB) aid, wherein 17 targets had been raided nearly concurrently on Friday morning. The goals were allegedly linked with a drug gang referred to as the “Ra-u community.” Almost one hundred police and civilian officers were worried about operations in two districts — Tha Maka and Tha Muang. The suspects had been identified as Chaiwichit Nilthong, Kanyaphak Chiangkhong, Thitidech Wan-o-thong, and Netnapa Krutwong, who have been wanted on arrest warrants for possession of medicine. Mr. Thitidech also became charged with cash laundering. In total, police seized four weapons and 15 rounds of ammunition at some stage in the operations. Also, the authorities confiscated 5 homes and land plots covering thirteen rai, 8 select-up vans, ten-wheel vehicles, two cars, bikes, one six-wheel tow truck, and a backhoe for examination.


The seized belongings had been envisioned to be worth around 31—five million baht. The police said the arrests had been made because the NSB changed into expanding its research into closing year’s arrest of a suspect identified as Weerachart Lamoonmon in Lao Khwan district. He was nabbed with 10,000 pace tablets in his possession. An investigation located that drug traffickers have been smuggling narcotics thru the province. The hassle, the stigma, the black mark that crushes anybody’s existence – capsules, unlawful drugs, over-the-counter drug use, how can we prevent it? No one has the ideal solution on the way to forestall human beings from the usage of tablets. Still, there is one manner that you may supply your children better probabilities than they may have in terms of prevailing the warfare against capsules. How do I know this – from private experience, from residing lifestyles, from developing up inside the technology of flower power and the era while tablets have been time-honored and giant throughout the massive cities in America. What become one of the matters that helped maintain me faraway from capsules while pills have been all around me? If you knew the solution of how to prevent your children from the usage of pills, might you operate the solution?

Nothing is guaranteed, of course. Everyone is a person and of the route; if one individual desire to do drugs and feel they want to do tablets, that person will abuse drugs. However, there are little things, everyday things that we can do to guide our kids in the better directions in lifestyles, and those little things have been confirmed to paintings on maximum youngsters. Here is how you could provide your kids a head start, a walking start in the race in opposition to illegal drugs for your society. Enforce an atmosphere wherein time is treasured and that valuable time is filled with desirable activities, precise initiatives, and precious interests. Any time this is spent doing exact, doing productive initiatives, being busy being creative is that a lot less time than any character will spend doing pills or being addicted to tablets. Introduce your youngsters to being creative, to having an interest, to turning into very inquisitive about bringing suitable into their lives, and you will have given your kids an anti-drug asset. If you study different teens and adults, it is also the young adults and adults who might be excited about LIFE that has no time and doesn’t have any hobby for unlawful drug use. So, the first precedence, get your baby or teenager interested in a hobby that rocks their world. Let them pick out the hobby, and that interest will ultimately help them a lifetime.

Teach your youngsters the treasured lesson that God is all the time with them, wherever they may be, irrespective of what they are doing. When children understand that God is with them, proper there, at that very moment, then kids -while approached with the aid of drug sellers — will say no. Anyone who believes in God and believes that God is with them in each second of their lives may be stronger in preventing drug use. Faithful believers are typically plenty more potent emotionally than individuals who agree with not anything. The motive for this is due to the fact it’s miles commonplace to feel that two are stronger than one. So whilst a baby has a sturdy faith in God, that child is by no means on my own. That infant has a Buddy as a way to help that infant combat the urge to sign up for the drug customers. That works! That baby has someone they can call on in instances of temptation and weakness, and maximum times, that simple approach to life’s problems does work.