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7 Reasons Product Testing Matters for Your Health

7 Reasons Product Testing Matters for Your Health 49

Buying products that have been product tested can help you, as the consumer, make more informed decisions; what you put on your body and in your body matters. And the kinds of products you use should be safe when used as directed. While product testing should be a normal part of any business, some companies skip this valuable step, especially if the product is similar enough to something they already have on the market. As a consumer, it’s important to choose products that have been product tested, and here’s why:

It Provides the Necessary Data for You to Make an Informed Purchasing Decision

Data is a powerful tool. It can help you make more informed decisions, which will, in turn, lead to better outcomes. Data-driven decision-making is important for customers who want to try new products but aren’t sure about them. For instance, buying a car seat for a baby should mean that it has undergone testing for safety. Buying lotions and creams should be tested to look for contaminants that harm your health. Additionally, products that contain CBD or other similar compounds should undergo CBD product testing to ensure that the product is pure and doesn’t contain THC and to test the levels of CBD.

Product Testing Ensures That Products Meet Regulations

If a third-party agency has tested a product, you, as the consumer, can rest assured that the product meets certain regulatory standards. Proactive testing means the company did its due diligence to meet safety standards and prove it to the customer. A child’s toy, for instance, should not contain small parts for little ones. Product testing companies look at those factors before items go out in the market.

Product Testing Determines Product Benefits

When a company sells a cream or health product, tests can ensure that people get the desired results. While cosmetic companies cannot make medical claims, they can show before and after people who have used their products and seen success. This testing provides social proof that a new consumer can trust the company and the products they sell.

Testing Picks Up Defects Before Products Hit the Market

When companies perform product testing, they are often able to discover defects before their products go out to stores. This is good news for the consumer who may want to be sure they aren’t buying something that will easily break or be defective. While product testing doesn’t weed out all the bad products, it can significantly limit them.

It Builds Brand Loyalty

When companies consistently put out great products, you, as the consumer, get to know the company in a way that shows you can trust them and the things they create. As they consider their target market and future needs, you can rest assured that good companies will put the same effort into each item they produce. It’s one of the key elements of people’s favorite brands. Consistency builds loyalty.

You Can Be a Product Tester

Being a product tester means that you get to have input into the process of helping companies create new products. Being a product tester means having information about assisting companies in developing new products. Being a product tester means that you get to have input into the process of helping companies create new products. After products have undergone safety testing, companies often want people to test them for effectiveness and provide feedback. They might look at a few formulations to see if something causes skin irritation or if one food tastes better. Companies might want to understand how normal people will approach using products.

Two Main Types of Product Testing

Companies can hire a company to test products without input into product development. This is often called third-party testing or blind testing. The testers have no clue what they are looking for or what company it’s from. They do the tests to provide feedback that can be helpful and without bias. In-house testing is another form of product testing. As a consumer, it’s critical to understand if a product has been tested by a neutral third party or by a company with a vested interest in it.


Product testing is an important part of any business, and as a consumer, knowing products have undergone testing can help you make wise and healthy purchasing decisions. Whether you are buying a new lotion or cream or want to use a new piece of fitness equipment, knowing that the products work for many people can help you make better buying choices.