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Sanjay Dutt on World Drug Day: I am a victim of drug abuse. Want to do my bit in spreading focus


At a point in his lifestyles, Sanjay Dutt struggled with drug dependancy. The actor has been open about his battle with drug dependancy. On World Drug Day, he took to Twitter to proportion a video, spreading attention towards drug abuse.
Sanjay shared the video on Twitter. He wrote, “Having been a sufferer of drug abuse myself, I feel responsible to do my bit in spreading attention approximately this threat. It was a transferring experience to initiate the Drug-Free India campaign in advance this yr with Guruji Sri Ravi Shankar. Today on World Drug Day, allow us to hold our assignment.”

In the video, Sanjay is seen sharing his lifestyles enjoy and how drug abuse took a toll on his existence. He said, “My dad and mom would tell me something I would do the other. I wouldn’t listen to my instructors. I did now not even concentrate on my very own heart. After studying numerous classes from lifestyles – true and awful – I could nonetheless endorse the identical, don’t pay attention to everybody.”
He went on to mention, “When your buddies inform you that a single puff can do no harm, don’t pay attention to them. When pal says that everyone takes pills you should too, don’t listen to them. This drug is better than others, don’t pay attention. If they let you know that it’s k to take capsules when you are at a celebration. Taking drugs as soon as does not make you an addict, don’t concentrate on them. I understand the fact, and that’s why I am telling you, don’t pay attention to them. Today, let’s take a pledge that we can now not devour capsules and could prevent others from doing the same.”
Sanjay’s battle with alcohol and capsules was proven in his biopic Sanju. Ranbir Kapoor performed Sanjay Dutt’s character within the movie.

Sanjay Dutt elaborated on his conflict with tablets dependancy at India Today Mind Rocks 2017. The actor stated, “I got on to capsules in university. I got hooked on to it. It took me about 10 years to get out of it. I’m lucky that I had the approach and provision to get out of it. Stay high on lifestyles, man! On your family, in your work. There’s no substance which could make you excessive. I speak from revel in. It is a clean escape, associated with being surely cool. Then you get hooked on it… If a donkey dies, you drink; a dog dies, you drink.”
He delivered, “It is never a one-time revel in. It will become a vicious cycle. Rehab is a good area. When I arrived there, they took my passport away. They instructed me it turned into a completely religious program and I desired to run far from there. I instructed my counselor that I saw a man in my dream who requested me to head home. He told me Sanjay, that turned into God. And he told me, “Didn’t he let you know, you have been going to be right here for two years?”
On the paintings front, Sanjay will subsequently be visible in Panipat with Arjun Kapoor. He will celebrity in Shamshera with Ranbir Kapoor. He may also be seen in the sequel of his 1991 movie Sadak with Alia Bhatt, Aditya Roy Kapur, and Pooja Bhatt. The sequel is called Sadak 2.