Wednesday, May 31

NYC Rejects Federal Funds For Women’s Health Care, Will Use Taxpayer Money To Cover Abortion Counseling, Services

NYC Rejects Federal Funds For Women’s Health Care, Will Use Taxpayer Money To Cover Abortion Counseling, Services 49

New York has emerged as the country’s primary metropolis to show down the federal price range for family planning and preventive fitness offerings.

Women’s Health
After greeting a set of doctors who paintings at town hospitals, Mayor de Blasio said he has decided to say no to federal aid for family planning and related fitness services for girls as it allegedly comes with unacceptable strings attached. A “gag rule” prevents medical doctors and nurses from counseling ladies about abortion. “My message to girls in New York City these days is that we can guard you; we will protect your rights,” de Blasio stated.
The mayor said the metropolis would update the federal offers with $1.3 million in town tax dollars. So the estimated 75,000 women who depend on town hospitals and clinics for information approximately contraceptives, reproductive fitness, and abortion counseling would retain to get help – on the dime of New York taxpayers.

This directive became sent to all metropolis medical doctors and nurses, instructing them to support sufferers on anything pathway they pick, together with referrals for safe criminal abortions. “We object to the harmful rules which are limiting get right of entry to to the whole spectrum of reproductive fitness care throughout the country and will not allow the censoring of our doctors and nurses,” the directive said. In addition to counseling, city hospitals and clinics do perform abortions. “We do provide abortion services; we offer medical abortions within the first trimester. We’re sincerely going up to 24 weeks. I am now not prepared to tell you right now the precise wide variety of terminations,” Dr. Machelle Alen of NYC fitness and hospitals said. “If you can’t supply women sincere advice at a duration where there are strain and decisions to be made… then you may no longer recognize wherein to get an abortion,” deputy mayor Herminia Palacio stated. “If that’s what you need, you could no longer understand what the risks are of abortion because your medical doctor hasn’t been in a position to inform you.” The gag rule truly went into impact ultimate week. City officers didn’t announce their decision to avoid it till Friday because the mayor was again out of the city – this time on the presidential debate and a debatable look at a Miami union rally.

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