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The Five Most Effective Addiction Treatments

The Five Most Effective Addiction Treatments 49

Addiction has become a much bigger problem than anyone imagined. With the advent of synthetic opioid painkillers, the drugs have become more powerful. Humans have created incredibly strong drugs on the streets and in pharmacies. It is so easy to get addicted to these pills.

Between the opioids, alcohol, high-test marijuana, and all the usual suspects when it comes to street drugs, you can if you want to numb yourself. Add a mental health epidemic into the mix, and we have a ripe situation for widespread addiction. But there’s good news. Below are the five most effective addiction treatments available to you or a loved one struggling with addiction.

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Detox & Withdrawal Supervision

Withdrawals lead to all kinds of symptoms. One of the most necessary treatments for addiction is detox. When someone has become dependent upon a substance, they will experience withdrawal as they stop. ExIt varies from drug to drug, but the withdrawal can be very dangerous. It is necessary for a lot of people coming off drugs or alcohol to be supervised during the detox period.

Luckily, there are plenty of different detox and withdrawal supervision facilities. You can even find detox with ocean-view vistas out your window. Whatever you are willing to pay for is available to you. If you need supervision during detox, you shouldn’t go without it.

Long-term Inpatient Treatment

Detox lasts a while, but you can also go to an inpatient facility. You’ve probably seen inpatient addiction treatment centers in the movies. This is where the person goes into treatment for about a month, where they can finish withdrawal and begin the real work of recovery. 

This is where people get their first attention to the psychology of addiction. Most rehabs of this nature are for dual diagnosis when a person has a mental health disorder underlying the addiction that requires treatment. It is very common. Furthermore, this is where a person can receive individual counseling and start 12-step group meetings.

12-Step Group Meetings

Whether a person going through addiction needs detox or inpatient treatment, just about everyone in recovery recommends the 12-step group meeting. The 12-step program is probably the most famous form of addiction treatment. 

12-step meetings are successful for a reason. It is one of the most helpful forms of it because people get to hear the stories of others and understand that they are not alone. They will listen to worse stories and empathize with others. This is a crucial part of recovery. You will get a sponsor who helps you through the tough times, and you will give back eventually and become a sponsor yourself.

Long-term Outpatient Treatment

Depending on where you are in recovery, outpatient treatment could be what’s right for you. This is typically for people who want help to stay sober but need to live their lives. For people who need to work, take care of children, or have responsibilities they can’t walk away from, outpatient care could be the treatment that works best for them. Long-term outpatient treatment goes through the same process as inpatient treatment; the person goes home to sleep. It is better for people who are highly functioning in their addiction, typically those trying to stop drinking but don’t have physical withdrawals.

Luxury Rehab

Finally, you can find rehab treatment for as long as possible and as luxurious as you like. When it comes to luxury rehab, the sky’s the limit. The rich and famous struggle with addiction too. They sometimes want to go to a beautiful facility in a serene area where they can disconnect from their lives. These facilities have five-star hotel amenities and the finest addiction treatment rehab services.

The five most effective treatments for addiction are listed above, but many combinations exist. Dual diagnosis has become a mainstay of addiction. Most people who are struggling with addiction are also going through a mental health disorder. When you or someone you love is addicted to something, any treatment that works for you should be utilized. Staying sober, healthy, and happy isn’t easy, but plenty of resources help you get there and stay there.